Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pacman on Google Maps

Google Maps Pacman
How's this for freakin' awesome - a Pacman game on Google Maps? The game comes complete with monsters and power pills.

Currently the game only works in FireFox. It doesn't load in Internet Explorer and, whilst it seems to load in Chrome, there is no control over the Pacman character. I think I've caught this game at an early stage of development, the controls are a little tricky and I think there are some obvious bugs to iron out.

However I love the concept and the game has some nice touches, like letting the player choose the location for the game.

Roomba Pacman
Whilst we are on the subject of Pacman I saw this Roomba Pacman yesterday on Gizmodo. Basically it is a real world game of Pacman played with robo-vacuum cleaners.

Check out the monitor in the video below, it appears that Google Maps is being used as the interface for the game,

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