Monday, June 23, 2008

Google Map of Wisconsin Road Closures

WisDOT Road Closures due to Flooding

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation's State Traffic Operations Center and Emergency Operation Center have created a Google My Map showing road closures due to flooding. Apparently the map has had over 1.4 million visitors and received more than 300 comments. Many of the comments are from residents leaving additional information about road closures.

The WisDOT map is just the latest example of how collaborative mapping can help communities in times of trouble or emergency. In October last year
KPBS Online created a fire map of wildfires in San Diego County that included up-to-date news on the spread of the fires and the location of evacuated areas. In the video below staff at KPBS talk about how their fire map was quickly adopted by the community (skip to 6.51 for the San Diego fire map part).

Via: Google LatLong: Map of Wisconsin road closures

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