Thursday, June 19, 2008

Custom Maps With the Google Maps API

UCL Campus Route Finder

University College London wanted to update the visitor map on their website. Luckily for UCL they just happen to have the world renowned Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis department within the university. I guess it didn't take a masters degree in common sense to work out who to ask for help.

The resulting Google Maps based pedestrian route finder overlays a map of the university campus on Google Maps. It is possible to enter a start and finish location into the route finder and a polyline is drawn on the map and an information box appears detailing the quickest route.

It is possible to request a wheelchair friendly route and there is even an option to view a printer friendly version of the map (which really should be a feature of many other Google Maps mash-ups).

Office Plans

The Google Maps developers at Laudentech also have a demonstration of how Google Maps can easily be customized to display searchable floor plans. Using a floor plan as custom tiles in Google Maps Laudentech can map locations, assets and people within an office.

And it isn't just offices, Laudentech have applied the same theory to shopping malls and cemeteries. That may sound a little gruesome but I guess even cemeteries sometimes need to be mapped.

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