Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Promoting Earth Day on Google Maps

Google Maps seem to be the promotional method of choice for Earth Day on April 22, 2008.

The Earth Day Network

The Earth Day Network themselves have produced a nice Google Map of Earth Day Events around the world. Events are represented on the map by green stars. Clicking on an event will take you to a new page where details and contact information are provided.

What Will You Do?

Google have of course produced a more dynamic user contributed map. Anyone can tag their own message to the What Will You Do? map describing what they intend to do to help the planet on Earth Day. The map then animates between the various messages in the style of TwitterVision.

Google Checkout Earth Day

Google, however, are not stopping there as they are rewarding anyone who uses Google Checkout to donate to an environmental organization with their own individual Google Map. If you make a donation Google will create a personal view of Google Maps that includes a marker representing your donation. Your map will have a unique URL that you can share with anyone you wish. If your friends and family follow your example and donate, they will also be given a marker and on the map a line will be drawn connecting them to you, showing you how your generosity spreads.

Google Transit

Finally, in order to promote public transportation, Google have also announced that six more agencies have been added to Google Transit.

Six of the agencies are in the US:

New agencies in the United States include:
  • Valley Transit: provides services within the city of Walla Walla, Washington.
  • Grape Line Transit: offers services between Walla Walla and Pasco, Washington.
  • CitiBus: has offered services for the city of Lubbock, TX since 1932.
  • Unitrans: offers bus service for City of Davis, California.
  • Rio Vista Delta Breeze: provides services within the city of Rio Vista and connects to 6 surrounding cities in California.
The sixth agency serves Bordeaux, France: Tram et Bus de la CUB

Via: Official Google Blog: We can't wait for Earth Day
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