Sunday, April 27, 2008

Google Maps Tracking War Criminals

Wanted for War Crimes

We have gone a bit overboard this week looking at Crime Maps on Google Maps Mania but this War Criminals Map from the Aegis Trust is tracking criminals of a different order.

Sunday 27 April is the first anniversary of two indictments issued by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity committed in Darfur. The two suspects – Sudan’s Humanitarian Affairs Minister, Ahmed Harun, and Janjaweed leader Ali Kushayb are still at large. The Aegis Trust have therefore produced this Google My Map to track the last known movements of the two men.

“The men on the watch list are suspected of hundreds of thousands of murders,” said Dr James Smith, Chief Executive of the Aegis Trust. “Someone, somewhere, knows where they are. They shouldn’t be allowed to live out their last days in luxury. Their future lies in a courtroom. That’s what their victims deserve.”
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