Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Madness on Google Maps

Why is it that at the beginning of April every year we seem to get the weirdest Google Maps related stories?

Google Sightseeing today report about two new layers for Google Maps - X-ray and infrared thermal imagery. Google Sightseeing report that the new X-ray layer will let Google Maps users see inside buildings! I'm already wearing my lead underpants.

Sitening reports that the Google street view cars have been forced to paint road lines in Nashville. Whilst the German GoogleWatchBlog report that Google are replacing faces in the German version of street view with smiley faces.

Singeo report that the Singapore government is to ban Google Maps from mapping Singapore. They claim that the Google Map of Singapore is a direct copy of the geographic features of Singapore and a direct violation of their copyright on the country.

Google Australia have launched G'day mate which lets you search tomorrow's web today. I'm waiting for the first mashup with Google Maps. How about a map that shows where all tomorrow's traffic delays will be?

Google and Virgin have teamed up to create Virgle. Virgle plans to build the first human settlement on Mars. Now that Google Mars has been added to the Google Maps API we should see a whole host of mash-ups mapping this new settlement.

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