Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Australia Google Maps Mashup Roundup!

Australian Hazards Monitor Maps:
Current Weather - Recent Earthquakes - Bushfire Incidents - Emergency Incidents

Aus-eMaps.com has created 4 separate map monitoring tools covering weather, fires, earthquakes and emergencies. The data has been mashed up from sources such as the US Geological Survey, Australian Bureau of Meteorology or European Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System, and is published via geoRSS or WFS (web feature service). Other Google Maps based Australian mapping tools can be found on

Australian Post Code Boundary Map Tool:

TPG Internet Customer Line Speed Map:

Australian Internet Provider TPG has used Google Maps to display its ADSL customer's line speeds based on where the central offices are located throughout its network. Color zones indicate distances ranging from up to 1.5km's to 3 to 4.5km's away from the DSLAM serving the high speed Internet connectivity. More info can be found in
this article.. [Thanks to Amos Shapira!]

Panedia gets a facelift.. and more tours!:
A new look to this previously mentioned site that features nearly 4000 mapped virtual tours of Australia! ______________________
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