Thursday, February 28, 2008

New ways to discover your world on Google Maps!

Recent My Maps Viewer

Twittervision and Flickrvision have taken the Google Maps mashup world by storm. The new My Maps Viewer works the same way by showing you very recent My Maps that Google users have created. Sit back and watch the cool maps go by! Google's Jess Lee tells you more about the viewer in this Google Lat Long blog post. If you're looking for the most popular My Maps for any location or zoom level on Google Maps, be sure to also add the Browse Popular Maps mapplet!

Browse geo-located Wikipedia, YouTube and Panoramio content!

One the things I love about My Maps is this ability I have to add different types of content to my current map view. Three layers that are mainstays for me are the Wikipedia, YouTube and Panoramio mapplets. Click the "Save to My Maps" link on each of them to add them to your own list of mapplets. Toggling them on allows you to zoom to anywhere on the planet to learn, watch and view content for that very location! This same content is also presented to you if you run a search from Google Maps as well! For even more location based context add the Wikimapia mapplet as well! Can you say.. super-tourist? :)

View Places of Interest for your current Google Maps view:

Looking to plan an evening out? Add the Places of Interest layer/mapplet to your Google Maps view to toggle up to 5 different categories. For the above example I've planned the perfect "full" night out in the great city of Toronto, Canada using 4 categories: Japanese dining, Bars and Clubs, Coffee Shops and of course: Pharmacies! :) This mapplet has endless uses: real estate searching to find nearby amenities, traveling to a new city or just learning more about the community you live in! :) [via]

Searching on Google Maps continues to evolve with new innovations and user features constantly being added! Here is a sample:
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