Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa Claus is 874 miles from Christmas!

What's better than a good Christmas card around the holidays?? A Google Maps themed Christmas card of course! Loyal Google Maps Mania reader Emil Goh from Seoul, Korea dropped me a line with this Google Maps Christmas greeting:

Hi Mike, Just wanted to say hi & merry xmas & happy new year. Made a google maps christmas card, which i hope you & your crew will like. Keep up the good work! cheers, Emil Goh - Seoul

Accompanying Emil's greeting was this great Google Maps screenshot which shows how far Santa Claus is from Christmas!!

The answer:
874 miles (about 13 hours 42 mins)..If Santa decides to take it easy and checks the "Avoid Highways" box on Google Maps he may need to break the news to Rudolph that he'll be galloping an extra 60 miles for 7 more hours. :) Take a look at the entire route between
Santa Claus, Indiana and Christmas, Florida. :) Check out Emil's post about the card on Theme Magazine!

More Christmas Maps fun:
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