Thursday, November 08, 2007

Grüvr is your global live music maps mashup!

Worldwide live music mashed-up and mapped for your area:

Have you ever wanted to check to see what live music is happening in your area tonight, tomorrow night or this coming week? I was recently informed about Grüvr - an awesome new Google Maps mashup that will put an end to your dilemma of finding live music.. fast! Here is a description from their site:

Grüvr is an interactive map that lets bands and their fans find each other in a new way - geographically! Grüvr knows how far each fan is from each show. Bands put grüvr tour maps on their profiles to let fans track them on their 'radar'. Fans can share band maps, monitor artist schedules, get alerts when the band plays locally, and get email reminders a day before the show.

When you try arrive, it instantly recognizes where you are (for the most part) and creates an instant Google Maps music mashup out local shows in your area without requiring any registration. For fans of a particular band you can also add a cool Google Maps widget showing tour dates for that act. I rather like Caribou, so I'm including a Grüvr widget for all Caribou dates to illustrate:

When you click on the widget it brings you to a great band page for Caribou that will let you explore and map dates for that band and indicates the "CLOSEST" venue for you to catch them at. There are heaps of features that I don't have the time or space to describe to you so get on over to this great mashup to find out the one million and one ways you can customize this service to the bands, music and location you're interested in. I really like this mashup!

Grüvr's MySpace page also includes a great How-to for bands titled: 10 keys to promoting your band online with maps
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