Friday, August 31, 2007

ONGMAP: Impressive Google Maps Mashup Tool Learn more about places on Google Maps

OnGMap is an insane Google Maps mega-mashup that will help you discover endless amounts of information about a specific location you are zoomed into on the map. The interface is available in Japanese with lots of data sources pulling from Japan (these are also viewable in English).

Start by zooming into any location on earth and here is what you'll be to plot on the map:
  • Book Mashup - geo-names are matched with Amazon books!
  • Weather, Photos, Wikipedia, UNESCO sites, videos, hotels, schools etc..
  • Hotspots, Salons, Health/Medical facilities, restaurants
  • General geo-data - Cities, towns, transportation
  • Approximate address, coordinates, elevation and search key words of centered point
  • Google News articles (right sidebar)
  • Google Blog search (right sidebar)
  • Many Japanese websites as well!
An impressive English/Japanese language user interface:
  • Quick bookmarks to jump to: Continents, Countires, Cities, and Japanese prefectures (See: 01Move folder)
  • Set views, go back to home map
  • Switch to Microsoft Virtual Earth map view
  • Share/Save map view to:, StumbleUpon, Hatena
  • Great menus that can be toggled and expanded
  • Great user-customization
To take a look at the number of scripting languages, APIs, extensions, web services, feeds and websites that fuel OnGMap, click the white lego-brick icon on the top menu to reveal this massive list:

There has been a lot of great work that has gone into creating this mashup both from a data and UI perspective. The result is a fantastic user experience with great data sources! :)

It should also be noted that Google Maps itself features this same built-in user-created mashup capability. You can add content from a
directory of Mapplets to your own My Maps tab to create a personalized Google Maps mashup. Add content and tools that are specific to where you live or are planning to travel to. Take a look at this post for more information. Google Maps geo search also facilitates this experience by letting you search for user-created Google Maps for a specific place on Google Maps. Read here for more information..

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