Wednesday, May 16, 2007

US Hurricanes and a buggy Google Maps mashup

Ibiseye Florida Hurricane Tracker launches 2007 version:

With the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season fast approaching, the Sarasota Herald Tribune has polished up its Google Maps Hurricane Tracker (Ibiseye) and launched an '07 version. There is a staggering amount of interactivity in this mashup. Explore storm information, look through storm alerts, news and make choices to bring the info you're looking through into the map or just look through it in its own mini-browser info-window. This is an awesome mapping application created by a local media outlet.

Cicada Emergence Map:

WalkJogRun's Adam Howitt has submitted a new Google Maps mashup and provides us with this description: It's rare that one hopes for an app to be really, really buggy, but in the case of the interactive Cicada Emergence Map unveiled today by the Lake County Forest Preserve District, that's a good thing. At the end of May, billions of 17-year cicadas will emerge from the ground across the Midwest. To track the phenomenon, the Forest District is asking the public to report on the concentration of the insects in their neighborhood. As the dataset grows, the resulting population density map is refined. The bugs will be dead and gone by mid-July, but the information gathered through this app will be analyzed and saved for use in 2024 - the next time the Brood XIII cicadas are expected to emerge. This mashup also takes a novel approach to displaying pins in preparation for lots of cicada reports. When the screen boundaries surround an area with more pins than a preset threshold, the application cuts over to a proportional density or heat map approach using GMap overlays to indicate the neighborhoods with the most cicadas. The developer behind the mashup is also responsible for and works for Duo Consulting in Chicago. Check it out at

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