Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Google Maps Mania links for 2007-05-22

Driving video in SF synched to Google Maps:

Found this one on this Flickr page. The image caption reads: "..Exploring the San Francisco docks with a camera attached to the grill of a Cushman, a GPS unit, and a couple of geeks." Take a look, it's pretty cool! This is very similar to the path that is mapped out during the French short film: Rendezvous (using Google Video and Google Maps)..
Google Base + Google Maps = BaseEstate:

BaseEstate is a new Google Maps real estate mashup that aggregates listings from Google Base and plots them to a Google Map. With a really nice UI this mashup is available for the US and Australia.
  • PointMaven.com using Google Maps - Enter a US or Canadian destination and and see all hotels displayed on a Google Map. Very helpful to choose a hotel based on the points that can be collected. Try it out, it works very well.
  • The MyMapsPlus "Big Map" - Showing locations of Google My Maps based on their location from around the world.
RadiusIM is first Web Instant Messaging service to integrate Google Maps:

RadiusIM, the free web based Instant Messaging service that aggregates many chat services together into one view, has integrated Google Maps to let you find other RadiusIM users in your area, as well as map your existing contacts. If you hold an MSN, Google Talk, AOL, Yahoo! chat IM account, do a quick registration on this service and set your position on the map. As you zoom out people that are logged into RadiusIM are displayed. Very cool! :)

[Via ProgrammableWeb]:
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