Tuesday, February 20, 2007

UK Google Maps Mashup Roundup Part 7

"England Rocks" Music Map:

England Rocks is a unique "music map" project produced by Enjoy England, the domestic marketing arm of VisitBritain - the national tourist office for Britain. It's one fantastic music map too! It points folks to Music Venues, Artist Locations, Gig Venues and much more throughout England. A cool jukebox directory lets you flip through locations and musical notes will let you listen to great tracks that are associated with each location.. This is seriously one that needs to be visited and played with.. Check it out! :)
[Via Mapperz Blog]

BBC News Map (for the last 12 hours):

(Powered by BBC Backstage)

UK Government Technology Suppliers (Supplier Example: Google):

The UK Government has used the Google Maps API to show which suppliers products are in use, where. The above link Google as the technology vendor and the map displays where products like Google Earth, the Google Search Appliance and the Google Maps API are in use. This list shows all vendors.. click on the link to "Map of LA usage" beside each supplier to link to the maps. The same government organization is using KML to plot office locations on Google
as well..

Google Maps BTOpenzone WiFi Hotspot Mashup - Zoom in far enough on this new BT Google Maps mashup and Openzone hotspots and Payphones are displayed. A search box on the left allows you search for specific cities/towns and types of businesses that have hotspots at the current location you're zoomed into. The Payphone map markers even indicate old, classic style of phone booth or modern. A nice touch. :) You can also download the wifi hotspot locations to a TomTom satnav device, details here..

National Museums Liverpool 'Figures of 08' Google Map - From the mashup's creator: "..We've got a Google Maps Flickr project at National Museums Liverpool. It draws photos from Flickr that show unintentional images of the numbers '08'. 2008 is a big year for Liverpool as it is European Capital of Culture and '08' is the logo for the year. There's an explanation of the project on our blog."
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