Saturday, February 17, 2007

New York Times Google Maps Travel Guides (Worldwide)

= The Ultimate Travel Mashup!

The New York Times is no stranger to using the Google Maps API to map stories or issues. They've mapped everything from crime to transit strikes but the area they have used it the most is in the Travel section of the website. I've blogged about the 36 Hours Column Map and more recently the Where to go in 2007 Map as a few examples of how maps have been put to use.

It now appears that the New York Times Travel has hit the mother load of Google Maps integrations by mashing up almost all of their Travel Guide pages (1000 +) and nearly all the hotels, restaurants and such for each guide (tens of 1000's?) which are plotted on the respective maps for each location.

..A great example of this is the New York City Guide:

..And here are more for other world cities:
To determine if a Google Maps guide is available for the location you're viewing, check the left side of the city's page and look for the "Map" link under the "Overview" heading. Great map markers on that city map will link you off to Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions, Shopping, Nightlife to help you plan your trip. The New York Times Travel has done a fantastic job of combining a huge database of listings, reviews and articles to create a new (mapping) dimension to their online travel guides. This is definitely one to add to your list of Google Maps Travel Mashups!

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