Monday, February 05, 2007

Google Map of the Boston Mooninite Scare has used the previously mentioned Atlas Google Maps tool to create a map of the recent Mooninite scare in Boston. You might remember that the 'lite-brite' logos were scattered around the city last week and were initially taken as a serious bomb threat to the city, until folks knew that it was actually just a promo for a new cartoon series. The Atlas map shows where the Mooninites were installed around the city. Check out more on the story here (with YouTube videos)..

Atlas is a Do-It-Yourself Google Maps tool intended for online media (but can be used by anyone). Here is how Atlas is described by Faneuil Media:
  • Create a high-quality (Google) map in a few seconds
  • Embed it on your page in any size or format
  • Allow readers to plot comments & photos on maps
  • Download all your data in KML format
  • Add Wikipedia content to
    your map

More from a Faneuil Media blog post about Atlas...
During the November election, The Cincinnati Enquirer used Atlas to map reader reports of problem voting locations. Over the holidays The Palm Beach Post and KCRA-3 in Sacramento mapped their readers’ best light displays. Those maps were created by reporters entering data submitted by users. Now readers can submit all their information directly to the map.

Faneuil Media has done several custom Google Maps mashups for big name media outlets such as the New York Times. Check out their front page for recent examples..

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