Monday, February 05, 2007

From A to B in NYC with this Google Maps mashup

If you're looking for some help to get from one point to another in New York City, A new Google Maps transit mashup called GypsyMaps can help. It features a map of transit routes (subway and bus layers) throughout the city, along with point to point subway directions and estimated times, including the walking you'll have to do along the way. GypsyMaps creator John Campbell notes that "bus routing will be integrated with the directions by April."

To get started click the 'get directions' tab and enter two NYC address points. For an example, check out: 84th & 2nd to 875 Avenue of the Americas. If you're not sure of the exact address points, try this link to tap anywhere on the map to geo-locate where on the map you'd like to start/end. Full directions are then laid out for you, along with times, reverse option and easy printing. Google Maps local business search can also be performed (See the "Find a Business" tab). One other great feature, though not utilizing Google Maps is a mobile version of this app which provides text directions to you so you can reference it while you're traversing your route. (IMO: Mobile versions of Google Maps mashups are cool). John has established a fantastic FAQ section for your other curiosities about this great mashup.

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