Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wikipedia Geo-Browsing Google Maps Mashup

Wikipedia-Google Maps GeoBrowser: Pediax:

Sören Auer's Pediax is a "Geo-Browsing Google Maps mashup for Wikipedia". Here is a description from Sören: "..Pediax displays geo-referenced Wikipedia articles (currently over 50,000) on a Google map. It shows the 20 most popular places/articles in the currently selected map area. The popularity is derived from the Pediax page views. On moves or zooming of the map area the respective places/articles are updated. Also Pediax provides a user interface for Wikipedia, which is largely based on AJAX, thus enabling previews of images or referenced articles without reloading the current Wikipedia page, type-ahead searches and much more." It's a cool concept - the number of geo-referenced article shows up beside "All" - From there the top 20 from that number is displayed on the map. It's an interesting way to view a subsection of Wikipedia articles. More info about Pediax can be found here.

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