Tuesday, January 16, 2007

U.S. Google Maps Mashups: Fortune's Top 100, MSU, Tornadoes, Boston, Delaware

Google Map of Fortune's 2007 100 Best Companies - Virender Ajmani Google maps the 2007 Fortune 100 Best Companies List by home city in the US. Coming in at #1... Google!

Michigan State University Transit and Campus Map: Spartylive - Spartylive is a great campus transit mashup helping students get around the Michigan State University campus and surrounding area. All buildings locations are marked with information and links to other pages. (More info in this MSU news release)

US Tornado History Map Project - Josh Lietz has created a great Google Maps mashup of the National Weather Service historical tornado data file (1950-2005). It allows users to search all tornadoes from the database and display the results on a Google Map. When the data is available (i.e. if the data is given in the NWS historical data file), an approximate tornado path is shown using a polyline.

What to eat in Boston - WhatToEat.org features Boston area restaurant ratings and reviews mapped by neighborhood. Over 100 restaurants have already listed but the creator is hoping to attract visitors to fill out reviews and add more restaurants!

Delaware State of Deleware Department of Transportation + Google Maps - Check out this great transportation mashup with smooth live streaming video from traffic cameras, weather and other alerts mapped. Polylines showing county boundaries and zip code searching let you show regions and look up events by specific area.
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