Friday, December 01, 2006

A Google Maps & Earth Christmas Wishlist

Are you a Google Maps and Google Earth nut? If so, you might want to add the following items to your Christmas wishlist and tell your friends and family about them. If you're shopping for someone who seems to dig Maps & Earth.. these are the perfect gifts:


Off the Map - The Most Amazing Sights on Earth as Seen by Satellite - This is a brand new book from James Turnbull and Alex Turnbull over at! They've assembled a great book of some the most amazing sights from Google Maps and Earth. Although I haven't yet had the chance to look through the book Frank Taylor from the Google Earth Blog does a nice job reviewing it in this YouTube video review:

Google Maps Application Development - Written by Michael Purvis, Jeffrey Sambells and Cameron Turner of Waterloo, Ontario (okay, Jeff is from Milton) this is a great book for someone that wants to start creating Google Maps mashups using PHP and AJAX methods. The authors have also set up a great blog that expands on the chapters contained in the book. Book Reviews: All About Linux and SlashDot.

Other Book Titles:
Other Items:

Space Navigator for Google Earth - This is a VERY cool mouse-like controller that is designed especially for Google Earth viewing. To check out the details click the link above and watch this video review by Frank Taylor. Frank also reviews the product here:

Buy the Space Navigator from Amazon:
3DconnexionSpaceNavigator SE (Standard Edition)
3DconnexionSpaceNavigator PE (Personal Edition)
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