Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ads targeting Google Maps satellite sightseers

Satellite advertising is a theme that is resurfacing among various blog posts and news stories recently:

The story behind the huge ReadyMix logo - Stephen Hutcheon, Online Tech editor at the Sydney Morning Herald has written an excellent article about the huge ReadyMix logo in Australia's Nullarbor Plain that was created over 40 years ago and is viewable on Google Maps. The logo was initially created to target the "trans-continental flight route during the 1960s and '70s".

KFC is targeting Google Maps with a logo in the desert - AmberMac points us to a new KFC logo that's been etched into the floor of the Nevada desert recently. I don't have any confirmation at this point that it's visible in Google Maps yet. Check out a video which shows the making of the logo. The guys from Google Sightseeing also weigh in on the claims made throughout this PR stunt that this is the largest logo viewable from space. They refer to the ReadyMix logo in Australia (see article above).

British clothing company Jigsaw rooftop ad - Finally, here is an example of rooftop advertising being highlighted with a British example. Most current rooftop advertising have come from the US so I thought I would point you to one example in the UK. This comes from the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames, Surrey, UK. Explore this area on [Via SuperHighStreet]

Firefox logo viewable on Google Maps

Check out Google Sightseeing for more satellite advertising examples

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