Sunday, October 29, 2006

France Google Maps mashup roundup Part 4

Renaud Euvrard and other French Google Maps Mania contributors are back to help us learn what's new, mapped and mashed-up in France:

Peuplade creates mass social exchange in Paris (French language) - Renaud explains "..Peuplade (translation :Tribe). The purpose is to improve communication between neighbors, to create a true social exchange between them in Paris." The new version of this site (born in 2003 and limited to a district of the "XVII arrondissement") from now on is opened with all the districts of Paris (in partnership with the "Town hall of Paris", the RATP (Paris Public Transport). Google Maps takes a major places in the website in order to directly visualize the users and the initiatives. Registration is required." (English article about Peuplade)

LogaMap Real Estate Mashup:

Here is a great new french language real estate Google Maps mashup for France that also makes use of Google Earth to display properties. One more new French real estate mashup is: Immobilier France.

Marseilles cycling map (French language) - VĂ©lo Utile is an association which a mission to promote urban cycling in Marseilles, France. The website of the association has integrated a Google map with a lot of information for cyclists in Marseilles. It includes cycle tracks, bike stands, stores and "dangerous spots".

Bicycles in Lyon (French language) - This mashup displays the availability of rental bicycles in the French city of Lyon. Search by district, address or browse locations on the map. Rental bicycles are from the Velov rental service.

Marseille Wiki City Guide (French language) - Marseilleforum (.com) has integrated a wiki-style Google Maps city guide for the city of Marseille called "Marseillais". If you're planning a trip to Marseille be sure to browse around the places that locals consider to be hotspots.

Nabaztag wifi rabbit mashup - Google Earth viewing is here..

French Google Maps Satellite Viewing:

New French language sightseeing site: Baudelet

New Geo-Trotter Feature: Pollution - 5 types of pollution are featured (French language).

More French sightseeing:
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