Monday, October 23, 2006

3 New US Google Maps Housing Mashups

Learn about a neighborhood with Neighboroo - Neighboroo could be classified as a real estate map mashup but I think people that aren't even looking for a new home could use it. It features a map layer called "info" that displays color coded shading for things like politics, crime, air quality and population density. You can search the map or simply double click anywhere on the map to retrieve data for that specific area. [Via Digg]

Google mapping Manhattan's luxury buildings - Kushal realized that luxury buildings were hard to find in New York so he created a luxury apartment finder called Luxur(n)y which maps all the starting rents he could find. There's a handy link to source the nearest Starbucks and subway stations for each complex using Google Maps. There's also a nifty graph at the bottom that fluctuates as you center the map to show the price range for rentals. More info on the mashup over at Kushal's blog.. [Via Curbed NYC]

Great Bay Area Real Estate Mashup - Property Listing Maps is a new Google Maps mashup for people looking to buy a home in the Bay Area. Small print at the bottom states that Google Maps API is combining with "11042 listings in 91 cities". Each location shows details of the listing and the listing agent with contact information. There's even info on when the next open house is and the date last updated. [Via]
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