Thursday, September 07, 2006

Remember the Milk on Google Maps

+ = Tasks on a map!

Popular AJAX online task management site Remember the Milk has created a new feature called Locations which integrates Google Maps with your schedule tasks! Omar Kilani from Remember the Milk stopped by Google Maps Mania to tell me more about the feature: "We've integrated Google Maps into our web app to provide location-based task management. Users can see where tasks are located in the real world, which allows them to see what's nearby or on their way and plan the best way to get things done. We've done a fair amount of customisation on the Google Maps front -- our own markers, info window, controls, etc. We've also implemented mashup goodies such as clustering, time based filtering of tasks, and so on."

Want to see this Google Maps tool in action? Watch this screencast. Otherwise the folks at RTM have a very detailed blog post about the new feature here. I strongly recommend taking out an account on this tool to just play around with it and see how easy it is to use.. It's really very cool.
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