Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New Google Maps: NYC, Seattle, Oregon, DC, Missing Kids

NYC Google Maps Restaurant Mashup - Here is a new NYC Google Maps mashup to add to the ever growing list. This map incorporates restaurants the developer has compiled or has eaten at and is sorted by name of restaurant, cuisine and neighborhood. Column sorting works as it does in Excel.

Seattle Department of Planning & Development uses Google Maps API
- Google Maps has been used by Seattle.gov to create an Activity Locator. This tool allows you to plot on a Google Map where constructions, land use and demolition permits are currently issued, along with land use notices. It's a great way that a municipal government is leveraging the cost savings from Google Maps as a mapping application to serve a public purpose.

Oregon Wine Board Google Maps its wineries - Here is a Google Maps mashup of all Oregon Wineries created by the Oregon Wine Board. When this mashup was created it actually allowed all the wineries to populate it using a back end tool that was developed. This ensures data integrity and improves the overall quality of the mashup. This is a great idea for a board or association to let its members participate in keeping the mashup current and up to date.

Manhattan + San Francisco, Chicago, Boston etc.. - Want to put the size of Manhattan in perspective? Jason Kottke helps you do this by taking the Google Map of the island city and putting it next to Chicago, San Francisco and other places he has lived. The result lets you appreciate its size in comparison with another city. Very interesting. [via]

Other new maps:

Google Maps + National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Google Maps + Washington Metro = MetroMapr
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