Thursday, April 20, 2006

Maps and Mashups Blog and News Roundup

Mashups for fun--and profit?
C|Net - Apr.20/06
Online growth maps a future
The Australian - Apr.20/06
Comparing the Mapping Services (Recommended Read)
TechCrunch - Apr.17/06
Making Money From Online Maps - Apr.17/06
Optimize your roof ads for Google Maps
Natural Search Blog - Apr.13/06
Travel Maps Growth As Local Search Heats Up
HitWise - Apr.13/06
Webby Award Nominations -- Google Maps gets FOUR!
Google Blogoscoped - Apr.12/06 (Webby Awards)
Mash-up Apps and Competitive Advantage
Crossing the Rubicon - Apr.10/06
Google Maps API2 + Your Local Search Marketing Checklist - Apr.10/06
The intangible aspects of mashups matter most
Enterprise 2.0 Blog (ZDNet) - Apr.8/06
Personal Maps Emerge as Visual Mix Tapes (Platial)
National Public Radio (Audio) - Apr.7/06
Google Base begins to roll out the verticals
Web 2.0 Explorer Blog (ZDNet) - Apr.6/06
Where in the World is Eva Longoria?
Martin Lieberman - Apr.6/06
Wall Street Journal: Online Mapping - Apr.5/06
Comparing the Cartography of Google Maps and Maps Comparing the Cartography of Google Maps and Maps Part 2
Eicher GIS Blog - Mar./06
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