Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hot or Not + Google Maps Mashup (Part 2)

= MapLuv's HotorNot Dating Map

Steve Chua has taken the website API and combined it with Google Maps to make yet another mashup of the wildly popular picture ranking website called: The HotorNot Dating Map.

Here are some of the features of his new babe-trolling mashup:

- Worldwide coverage (including Canada, Asia, Europe etc..)
- Users in the popup windows are ordered to make flipping back to a cute photo easy!
- Clean, easy user interface showing person's essay and full size picture
- Last location and settings recall. No user registration required. This is especially useful when you refresh the page - you stay put instead of getting sent back to an original start point on the map.

Check out the previously mentioned mashup by Frozenbear.
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