Wednesday, November 23, 2005

U.S. Google Maps Mashups - Boston, Philly, Minneapolis, Toldeo, Athens, S.Cal

Google Maps + Open Guide to Boston - Here is a great Google Map for the city of Boston. Featuring a wiki style of viewing and editing, you can also set your own user preferences for browsing. The map features Boston highlights and transit stops from a simple and easy to use interface


Google Maps + Philadelphia Bicycle Routes - The Philadelphia Bicycle News has created two Google Maps which show bicycle routes for the city. "Bike Lanes and Trails" show recreational paths and a "Commuter Routes" Map helps those with a bike get to the downtown core. More details here.


Minneapolis/St. Paul establishments and events on Google Maps - is a new establishment and event site catering to the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area. The establishment database interfaces with Google Maps to provide locations of restaurants, bars/clubs, theaters, cinemas etc that match visitors' search criteria. Custom colored map icons on the Google Map reflect establishment types (restaurant, bar, etc..) Here is an example of the Google Maps integration:

Other Maps:
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