Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Google uses Maps for Froogle, AdWords

Google has announced the integration of Google Maps to two of their services recently:

Google Maps + Froogle + U.S. Zip Code Searching - Google is trying to make searching for gifts easier this holiday season by creating a Google Maps mashup for its Froogle shopping tool. Enter the item you are searching for, followed by your U.S. zip code, and search results are "Google mapped" for that location. The map will display shops where you can purchase that item, and for what price. ABCNews reports that Google is also hoping that merchants will submit merchandise lists to Google Base so that Froogle can pull these product inventory lists and include them in its index. Try the new Google Maps Froogle search tool here:


Google Maps + Google AdWords - The Google AdWords team talks about how you can now make use of Google Maps to target your customers using their online ad program. From the AdWords Team: "...Here at 37° 25' 22", -122° 5' 6", we wanted to make it easier for you to set up customized location targeting. So last week, we put Google Maps into AdWords, allowing you to visualize cryptic coordinates or just pick a specific location on the map to determine the location you'd like to target." (More details here)

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