Monday, November 28, 2005

Google Maps Online Holiday Shopping Tools

+ = Smarter Online Shopping!

Dubbed "Cyber Monday", today is meant to be the busiest online shopping day for the holiday season in the U.S. - Here is a short list of the known Google Maps-powered shopping tools that will help you to make smarter online (and offline) purchases...

Froogle ZipCode Search - Froogle is the shopping search tool from Google. On the one hand it lets you comparison price a product, then link off to the e-retailer's website to make the purchase. Froogle also plots these items on a Google Map when you enter your zip code and even shows up to date inventory lists for each retailer so you know if you should visit the store or look elsewhere. Froogle makes you a smarty-pants holiday shopper.

MapBid: Ebay + Google Maps - lets you enter the item you're looking for, your zipcode and the range of miles from that area you're willing to drive to get the item. For example you can search for a digital camera within 10 miles of your zipcode.

Precision eBay Search Tool - In addition to zip code searching, you can also search by the amount of time left in the auction of that item. Countries that are supported include the U.S., UK, France and Germany.

eBay Searches near U.S. College Campuses - This eBay search tool lets you narrow down your item search to the area around a specific U.S. College Campus. A great search eBay + Google Maps search tool for college students!

Google Local - Google Local is the local business directory that is bundled together with Google Maps. It's the GrandDaddy of all Google Maps mashups since it plots all local businesses for you through a quick keyword search. Search for retailers in your community before setting out with your holiday shopping list. Google Local is available in the USA, Canada, UK & Ireland, Japan and China.

Apple Retail Store Finder - Looking for an iPod or a new laptop to give as a gift this year? If you decide not to purchase online check out the Apple Store Finder for the retail store in your area (includes US, UK and Canada).

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