Saturday, November 05, 2005

Google Maps mashups for Canada

Cool Canadian Mashups!

Google Maps mashups are providing visual context for location-based information on the Internet. A mashup is an information source "mashed-up" with Google Maps. These mashups are invaluable new web-based tools to find information in Canada. I've collected all known Google Maps mashups and tools which are specific to Canada to get you started:

Canadian Google Maps Mashups and Tools:

Transit Maps: Toronto (TTC), Vancouver, Charlottetown
Real Estate:, University of Waterloo and University of Guelph Student Housing Map, (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal)
Cities: Vancouver photo gallery, Free Wifi Access locations in Montreal
Weather: (Canadian/US weather and cameras)
Sports & Rec: (Canadian/US Ski Resorts), - Contains running/biking/walking routes for Canadian cities, North American Pro Hockey Map (includes NHL teams)
Tourism: Ontario Parks search , Vancouver Tourism, Nanaimo Heritage
News: Toronto Star - 2005 homicides to date , Alicia Ross case
Community: (Toronto), KoolFM Business Directory (Waterloo Region),, Gas prices for Waterloo Region
Employment: Manucan - Canadian Manufacturing Jobs
Explore Canada: Interesting Canadian satellite views from Google Maps, - Canada, GlobalCoordinate - Canada

Other Maps and Tools:

GMap Pedometer - Measure distance (drive to work, run/bike route, distance between points) - Use CommunityWalk to set up your own unique Google Map community - Set up a Google Map for your club or group
Planimeter - Measure Area on a Google Map
Dig to the other side of world - Click the point on the Google Map where you live in Canada and find out where you would end up if you were to dig to the other side of the world!

..If you plan on creating a Google Maps mashup for Canada, take a look at some of the resources here on Google Maps Mania to get started. Remember that provides free geocoding to convert postal addresses to latitude and longitude (required to plot points on the map)

Do you know of other Canadian Google Maps mashups? Please contact me if you do.

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