Monday, November 07, 2005

Google Maps blog and website tools

GeoVisitors plots your visitors to a Google Map - This service allows you plot the last 100 visitors to your site on a Google Map or in Google Earth. The map allows you to filter by continent to take a closer look at individual visitors. All that is required is to paste a few lines of code into your blog or website pages. To test this out, I've put a link to my GeoVisitor map here on Google Maps Mania. Click the following icon in my right side-bar:

Find MySpace users on Google Maps
- Here is a nifty search tool that allows you to find out what MySpace bloggers are within a given zipcode. To test it out, try "94112". Clicking on the "people-pins" displays information about that MySpace user. Not only can you search by zipcode, you can narrow it down even further by specifying the age range and gender. Hmm.. sounds a bit like the HotorNot mashup. :)

Drupal blogging + Google Maps - If you are a Drupal blogger you might be interested in the GMap Filter Module. GMap filter module is a module which allows you to insert a Google Map into a node using a filter with a macro. It also includes a tool to create the macro. The macro lets you set the width, height, map type, up to 3 points and up to 3 lines. Here is an example of it in action.

Other Google Maps Blog and Website Tools can be found here.

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