Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Follow the Volvo Ocean Yacht Race on Google Maps!


Laust Ladefoged has created a great Google Map to track the current standings in the Volvo Ocean Yacht Race. The race is currently in its first leg which runs from the west coast of Spain to Cape Town South Africa, and is what the map is currently showing boat positions for. Links take you to zoomed in positions on the map for the leaders, fleet and the current leg to make viewing easier. The race website shows all leg previews so you know where the boats are headed next on this round-the-world journey.

Vigo, Spain to Cape Town, South Africa:

I'll put this link in the Current Events section along the right side category listing so you can follow the race. This is great sport application for the Google Maps API, and could become the mainstay in following long haul yacht races on the web. Jef Poskanzer created a mashup of boat positions for the Transpac Long Beach - Honolulu Sailboat Race a while back and it's good to see it has been put to use for this race as well. Perhaps we can look forward to following the America's Cup on a Google Map in the near future!

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