Monday, July 25, 2005

Canadian manufacturing jobs plotted on Google Maps!

manucan +

Manucan is a job site for the Canadian Manufacturing sector that combines traditional searching methods with a visual search that uses Google Maps to display jobs within a particular radius.

To give it a try do this:

1. Click on visual search on the main page. This turns it to visual mode
2. For keywords, enter buyer or millwright
3. For postal code, you can enter L5M5G6 as an example. U.S. Zip codes won't work.
4. For radius, enter 1000 for example. You can enter arbitrary numbers as well.

And.. Voila! All jobs which match that are plotted and text details of the job are listed down a right side panel!

This is a great application for Google Maps and really shows the future of jobs sites making use of this mapping technology. I don't think this site is only limited to Canadian residents either. Interested immigrants to Canada can search for jobs in a community they plan to settle in or perform career research about the regional job market before arriving. Check for Canadian postal codes here. A feature I like is the number of kilometers from that job posting to your home postal code. Very slick.

Planned enhancements include overlaying demographic information like house sales, property tax values, schooling boundaries, and any other information that would be relevant to a person's decision to select a job based on location. Stay tuned to this great Google Maps mashup!
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