Tuesday, July 26, 2005

3 new Google Maps mashups!

Hispanic BlogoMap shows locations of bloggers in Spain - Created using the Google Maps API, the Hispanic BlogoMap geo-positions blogs in the Zoomblog database onto a map of Spain. When you click onto one of the flags, the number of Spanish bloggers is displayed for that region. [via]

Can you hear me now? - CellReception.com features a Google Maps mashup showing cell phone towers and wireless carrier reception. The site features Google Maps integration and "tens of thousands of cell phone carrier comments from real customers using their service all over the U.S."

Earthcomber now provides integration with Google Maps - Earthcomber is an independent guide of nearly 10,000 businesses across the United States, including restaurants, bars, hotels, coffee shops, taxi companies, WiFi spots, special attractions, and more. The way to interface with Earthcomber is by taking out an account on their website, choosing places of interest to you and then transferring this information over to your Smartphone or PDA. Here are some examples of Earthcomber's Google Maps Integration in action: > Frank Lloyd Wright Sites , "My Hometown, Tulsa, OK" and Location Based History with the Underground Railroad.
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