Monday, July 25, 2005

3 more Google Maps mashups!

These are the people in your neighborhood - Here's a Google Maps + Whitepages mashup which allows you to find out everyone that lives on your street. This information is publicly accessible but would take hours to pull together. This tool, created by Joshua Fraser, quickly lists it for you after you have search for an address. This reminds me of a feature I once used in the Infospace whitepages. This mashup only works for U.S. addresses currently. [via]
UPDATE: Make sure the end address for the above mashup is this:
(copy and paste that URL if clicking the link doesn't work)

Great Vancouver photo gallery Google Maps mashup - Here is a great Google Maps mashup that combines a customized and full-featured Gmaps interface with 3 amazing photo galleries of the city of Vancouver, Canada by The interface allows you to toggle between map, satellite and photo album views. Currently the photo albums include the Stanley Park, Downtown, Kitsilano areas of Vancouver. PixelDevelopment seems to be part of a group of progressive web houses quickly adopting the Google Maps API use as part of their portfolio of available skills and services. Excellent idea. [via]

Frisbee-golf anyone? - This Google Maps mashup shows you all the US Disc Golf Courses by 1-9, 10-18 and 18+ holes. Who knew that frisbee golf was so popular?! [via]
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